You guys are THE BEST!!!!!

So …if you havn’t seen on my Instagram/ Snapchat you may not know that YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

I went to the Beauty Blogger Awards yesterday and I won not one, but BOTH awards I was nominated for!

I literally was so overwhelmed when they called my name out I didn’t even respond! So I would like to say a really heart felt THANK YOU to all the judges and to every single one of you who kindly took the time out to vote for me, you really are amazing!

From the start I’ve tried to express a healthy look at self esteem through beauty blogging – by showing my followers my big scar on my my neck and being truely confident with it! You don’t have to be like these perfect pictures to be happy and feel beautiful – Different is great and Different is something to be proud of. So my ‘Best New Beauty Blogger’ & ‘Best Beauty Youtuber’ awards, these are for all of you who are a bit different and a lot beautiful.

Love you all lots x


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