Wunder 2 Review: WunderTox, WunderLift and CoverBlend!

wunder 2 review wundertox wunderlift coverblend

I had so many people contacting me regarding my last review of the Wunder 2 products (The Wunderbrow, The WunderKiss The Wunderblend and the WunderExtensions) I just had to do one on some of the other products they make!

This time I’m reviewing the WunderTox, WunderLift and CoverBlend foundation!

You can see the Wunder products in action below in my Youtube review and scroll down for swatches and photos go the products!




This is a dual-result cleansing and purifying mask that starts out as a gel and turns into foaming mask! This delivers Oxygen to the skin and definitely left my skin looking and feeling glowing!

wundertox swatch


This is a 60 second wrinkle reducer, and as I don’t have wrinkles I roped my mum in to try it out! – As it works in front of your eyes you can really see the difference it makes in such a short amount of time!

wunderlift swatch

WunderLift swatch

Wunderlift before and after

WunderLift Before

Wunderlift before and after

WonderLift After


This was seriously good. I mean like this will be in my kit for a long time good. It doesn’t budge, its transfer and water resistant and it actually does last all day. Whats amazing about it is that unlike most other longer foundations this isn’t drying, and isn’t cake and actually give you a luminous finish which is really buildable, literally the best of both worlds!


CoverBlend swatches light medium and dark

CoverBlend swatches light medium and dark – Flash

cover blend_swatches

CoverBlend swatches light medium and dark – No flash


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