The weirdest but best idea for a product ever?!….Mai couture Papier

mai couture make up papier review

So if I said to you you could fit your ENTIRE make up kit on a bit of paper? would you believe me?!

Well if you said that to Mai Tran, owner of Mai Couture or one of her teams of fans, they would for sure answer yes!….

So what am I taking about, I might hear you think? – The Mai Couture Papier make up!!

These are little super easy make up booklets for people on the go… In the range has highlighting, blush, bronze and foundation paper – along with cute little accessories to keep them in your bag..

Now I bet you’ve conjured up an image in your head of what these look like by now… so here you go…

mai couture make up papier review

So I tried out the Mai Couture Glow-Geous Trio which includes 20 sheets of St Barts highlight, 20 sheets of Sin City Bronze and 20 sheets of Prettyful blush. I also tried the St Barts highlight paper (50 sheets) and the Sunset BLVD blush paper (50 sheets).

mai couture make up papier review

Mai Couture Papier Glow-geous Trio

So how do you use these? well tear a sheet out and dap and roll….similar to the motion of a beauty blender – you want to dap and tap the product on the skin, but each time it touches roll the paper to blend it.

mai couture make up papier review

Mai Couture St Barts highlighter papier

So whats the verdict? Well first of all genius idea, these are just the right level of product to ensure that you can apply them with the bit of paper without looking patchy and…well…like you’ve applied them with a bit of paper. The highlight, St Barts is a gorgeous subtle glow that make you look so elegant and polished, not heavily frosted.  The Sin City bronze again is a glow getting colour that looks great and both  blushes have a really great pop of colour. Sunset BLVD blush is more of a peachy pop and the Prettyful is a stunning pink colour – again both full to the brim of GLOW.

mai couture make up papier review

Mai Couture papier swatches – St Barts highlighter, Sin City Bronzer , Prettyful Blusher

If you fancy having some of these for your make up bag – you can get them here from the UK and here for the world.


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