The Golden Ratio Mask!

1The golden ratio mask for the example I’ve used in the video is a scientific, or mathematic ratio on the proportions of the face that can be a useful tool in how best to apply your makeup! The ratio helps provide the ideal symmetry and proportion for the face. Theres probably only a handful of people in the world, if that that fits the mask to its entirety but when used with a pinch of salt, it can be quite fascinating! Heres the video showing how I used the mask to help do my make up, and below is the ratio’s/sums I used to work out my face ratios!


A = Top-of-head (1) to chin (2) =  cm
B = Top-of-head (1) to pupil (3) =  cm
C= Pupil (3) to nosetip (4) =  cm
D = Pupil (3) to parting of lips (5) =  cm
E = Width of nose (6 to 7) =  cm
F = Outside distance between eyes (8 to 9) =  cm
G = Width of head (10 to 11) =  cm
H = Hairline (12) to pupil (3) =  cm
I = Nosetip (4) to chin (2) =  cm
J = Parting of Lips (5) to chin (2) =  cm
K = Length of lips (13 to 14) =  cm
L = Nosetip (4) to parting of lips (5) =  cm
Now, you can find your ratios. ( / = divided by )….a figure of 1.62 is ‘golden’ so the closer to that, the closer to ideal symmetry you are!
A/G =  cm
B/D =  cm
I/J =  cm
I/C =  cm
E/L =  cm
F/H =  cm
K/E =  cm
If the ratios were all put into a face – This is what it would look like, this mask can be overplayed onto your picture ( if your good on the computer!) so you can see how it fits on your face! – If not there are several sites that will do this for you, just give it a google search!


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