Tanzee…This might just be the best idea EVER!

tanzee review

Well ask me how I have managed for all these years without a Tanzee and I’l honestly answer you – I have NO IDEA!

So for all those that don’t know about this its a breathable silky sleeping sack with built in pillow and flap to protect your duvet from fake tan! The size is nice and roomy with ample fabric for the sleeping bit, the fold over flap and the pillow! (I’m 5’7 and it also comes in a double!) Anyone that use’s tan overnight, especially anyone who like white sheets – I honestly think this will be the best investment you’ve ever made!

So one, it’s SO comfy and nice to sleep on (silky pillowcases are also good for warning off wrinkles and skin creases FYI) but it also feels so nice next to your skin!

 Twoooo, you wake up tanned, and your bed is still clean so really I’d go as far as to say it’s a neccessity for tanners, and its the best can’t live without beauty product I’ve ever had!…. I have the black one but they have lots of colours and yes….. It now comes in ROSE GOLD! my favourite!

If I haven’t told you how great it is enough…you can check out their range here for yourself 🙂


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