First impressions and how to use Loreal Smartbond at home!


Welllll! I may have had a month or so off filming tutorial, but I am back! Since cutting my hair shorter I wanted to make sure my hair grows back strong and thick, so I looked into using Olaplex when one of my best friends ( who also owns a salon) recommended Loreal SmartBond! True to my vlogging life – I filmed my first time using it for anyone who was interested on how to do it at home as a treatment! Continue Reading

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick, Hydra Matte and Lipgloss Haul try on!

gerard cosmetics nude hydra matte liquid lipstick glosses review

I want to share with you some of my favourite products and colours from the Gerard Cosmetics lipstick, liquid lipstick hydra mattes, and lip gloss collection, as honestly – The colour range is so amazing! Continue Reading

Review: Contour Cosmetics Palette, Aphrodite Eyeshadow and The Base

contour cosmetics rewiew

Everyone that follows my Instagram will know I’m a big fan on Contour Cosmetics, so when I saw they had a new eyeshadow palette out I had to try it! Then I realised I had never done a blog… Continue Reading

Inside the NEW Asiana Beauty Box!


Sooooo you guys know how I feel about a beauty box and I came across the mother of the beauty box on Sunday! I met Director of Asiana magazine on Sunday at the blogger awards and he kindly gave me one of their NEW beauty box’s to try… Continue Reading

My FAVOURITE products for teeth whitening!

I’m always quick to try new teeth whitening products – I love comparing them to my favourites and trying new formulations ad ways of whitening teeth.

What teeth whitening products I use is a question I get asked time and time again!

So as I continue on my teeth whitening journey I wanted to share with you my absolute FAVOURITES of all time, sort of like my hall of fame for white teeth! Continue Reading

My new Lush haul! 

lush haul review beauty blogger

If you read my last post on Lush you would know my last visit to the store (which was my first visit to the store) sparked off what has become a bit of an obsession! My last purchase was some oil massage bars (which I use as body oil moisturiser) and I’ve since been back to try some more bits I didn’t get last time! Continue Reading

My new obsession- Lush massage bars!

lush yes yes yes massage bar review

You know when you love a product and you want to tell the world about it? Well I went into Lush for the first time in a very long time ( Mainly because the smell is overwhelming!) and got carried away looking at all the amazing stuff they have in there ( errrrrr…..shampoo bars and toothpaste tablets?! say what!) …During my travel around the store I stumbled across something that I know is going to be part of my life for a very long time – The massage bar. Continue Reading

Do Instagram products REALLY work?!

do instagram products really work eleise beauty blogger

We’ve all seen the L.E.D teeth whitening, Mud masking, Hair Vitamin taking, coconut swishing Insta posts….. But Do the products actually work?…. or are they just purely clever promotion? – I test out a few of the different products made popular by the Insta-famous to see if they REALLY do as they say! Continue Reading

Review: Maybelline Master Contour V Shape Duo

maybelline master contour v shape duo stick review

New product review alert! I saw an advert for the new Maybelline Master Contour V Shape Duo – and straight away thought ‘what a great idea!’ I’m all for space saving make up for the occasions when I only need to take a small make up bag (which is rare for me, let’s be honest!) but still – I like the idea of it! Continue Reading