Do Instagram products REALLY work?!

do instagram products really work eleise beauty blogger

We’ve all seen the L.E.D teeth whitening, Mud masking, Hair Vitamin taking, coconut swishing Insta posts….. But Do the products actually work?…. or are they just purely clever promotion? – I test out a few of the different products made popular by the Insta-famous to see if they REALLY do as they say! Continue Reading

De-mythed! : Mascaras + wands

avon mega effects mascara reviewv

Mascaras are one thing I’m always asked about and thats mainly because they look confusing…and are confusing! Theres a whole manner of different brushs and formulations – and everyone wants to right one for them and they’re lash type. So here I’m going to break down some of the best mascara types I’ve used and help de-myth the world of lashes! Continue Reading

At work with me: Leonie Claire + Rue De Seine Shoot!

leoni claire bridal rue de seine dresses blog

Recently I did a live shoot for Leonie Claire Bridal, for the boutiques launch of the Rue De Seine collection. Gorgeous, boho, laced and embellished Bridal gowns perfect for the Brighton back drop!… My snapchat followers (snap: eleiseonline ) may… Continue Reading