Is Nivea for Men shave balm the GREATEST FACE PRIMER EVER?

nivea for men shave balm primer review

Like so many people I saw a few select beauty bloggers refer to this product as an amazing primer, rumour has it, it started off from one blogger forgetting her moisturiser at her boyfriends house and so used this in place! – If so, VERY RISKY, but what a find!
After seeing it a couple of times I decided to see what all the fuss was about for myself. When I picked it up I assumed it was a bit like a moisturiser, maybe even a bit greasy so I was baffled at how it worked! When I got it home and opened it, it all started to make sense, its not greasy, or even that moisturisey really its got a similar texture to a slightly tacky- to-touch primer! Continue Reading

My simple, DIY false gel nails!

diy gel false nails eleise lucraft blogger

Thank you Anna for suggesting this video! Heres how I do my DIY false nail looks, Including a full tutorial of my favourite natural almond shaped look , plus I show you how I shape my nails in my two favourite shapes, how… Continue Reading

My Dressing room tour!

My wardrobe tour eleise eleise lucraft blogger

Thank you to my Youtube subscribers who suggested this video to me! – Here is my Tour of my dressing room/ make up table and some of my favourite products & outfits! My Taupe Pure Cashmere Crew jumper worn in… Continue Reading

Make up Depotting + DIY Lipstick palette, Magnetic make up palette and Cream cosmetics palette!

DIY lipstick palette

So as I have so much make up, Accessing it can sometimes be hard! – Palettes are great but individual products can sometimes be a pain to find. Depotting is a great way to keep make up neat and tidy and easier to take what you need where ever you go and for fellow MUA’S is much easier to transport!
Continue Reading

Review: Beauty Works Double Volume and Volume Boost

Beauty works Double volume Instant weave raven eleise lucraft blogger

I just received some amazing products from Beauty works, that I wanted to share with everyone. The Double Volume Instant weave ( remy hair) and the Volume boost hair pieces.

This is my first time using crown pieces and hair pieces, and although they may look daunting at first – They are so easy to use! Each piece has specialised clips, The double volume instant weave has stretchy push in grips and the Volume boost has tradition style snap clips. Continue Reading

My Scar story + How to cover and treat scars!

how to cover and treat scars eleise eleise lucraft blogger

Everyone always asks me about my scar, I addressed this in my intro video on Youtube, but I thought I’d create a special video firstly to share my story with you but secondly and most importantly to show other people with scars some inspiration of how to treat and cover scarring. Continue Reading

Beauty area ideas & Organised cosmetics!

acrylic make up organisation eleise

New years means new resolutions….mine was A) To eat healthy and cleanse and B) To organise my make up.

A will come in a later blog but B has already happened! – I thought I’d share with you my make up organisation and tips and tricks I use to make make-up easily accessible.

The first rule of beauty product organisation is keep put what you use daily, and get drawers to store anything you use on occasion! Continue Reading

Spend .VS. Save – £370 designer cosmetics vs £57 drug store products!

spend vs save makeup eleise lucraft blogger

I decided to conduct an experiment where I would apply half my face with Higher end, designer cosmetics and half my face with drug store alternatives. This way I could directly see the different in quality and see where you can save and where is best to spend in the make up department! The result? – Surprising! Continue Reading

Kylie Jenner Full face tutorial and LIP KIT DUPES!

Kylie jenner lip kit dupes, Candy K, Dolce K, True Brown eleise lucraft blogger

So everyone in the whole wide world knows how hard it is to get their hands on Kylies Lip kits. In the video beneath I show you a full face Kylie tutorial based on these looks taken from her instagram @kyliejenner and her Kyle app. I also take the opportunity to show you what products I use to dupe or recreate the LIP KIT colours!….all 3 of them, Candy K, Dolce K and True brown using some great pro tips! scroll down for the full video +product list; Continue Reading

Prestige flowers Valentines Collection 2016

prestige flowers review

I love having fresh flowers in my home, I especially love having flowers that match my decor in my home! So when the kind guys down at Prestige flowers sent me a preview of their Valentines collection yesterday, I loved… Continue Reading

The best skin tone smoother – Vitamin C tonic!

homemade vitamin c tonic

I recently showed my Snapchat followers (snap: eleiseonline) my favourite skincare secret, and I was inundated with requests for the recipe, so I thought I’d share the full recipe on my blog! Whenever I say to people about this they… Continue Reading