The weirdest but best idea for a product ever?!….Mai couture Papier

mai couture make up papier review

So if I said to you you could fit your ENTIRE make up kit on a bit of paper? would you believe me?!

Well if you said that to Mai Tran, owner of Mai Couture or one of her teams of fans, they would for sure answer yes!….

So what am I taking about I might hear you think? – The Mai Couture Papier make up!! Continue Reading

Do Instagram products REALLY work?!

do instagram products really work eleise beauty blogger

We’ve all seen the L.E.D teeth whitening, Mud masking, Hair Vitamin taking, coconut swishing Insta posts….. But Do the products actually work?…. or are they just purely clever promotion? – I test out a few of the different products made popular by the Insta-famous to see if they REALLY do as they say! Continue Reading


problo review eleise beauty blogger

I honestly couldn’t wait to try this Pro Blo set!, I love the curly blow look and I love being able to do it at home so you don’t have to go all the way to the hairdressers! The point of the Pro Blo range is to curl the hair up using the brushes, then after each section detach the brush head, apply a clip to hold it in place and leave in to set!…. then repeat all over the hair, once this is taken out – the hair is then blow dry to perfection and has greater staying power! Continue Reading

Review + apply | BEAUTY WORKS JEN ATKIN hair enhancer | Eleise


A review and how to apply the hair enhancer by Beauty Works and Jen Atkin! My hair enhancer is in #2 Raven. Jen Atkin is one of the worlds most influential hair stylists of today and I was so exited to get this hair! – I wasn’t disappointed, this hair is so luxurious – I could cry!
Continue Reading

Review: Footner Exfoliating Socks (The most unbelievable product, ever!)

footner review blogger babyfoot

So I’m going to start firstly by saying if you are funny about feet…maybe look away now!

Secondly if your reading this because your intrigued if this product works or not…wonder no more – It works! Thirdly they really should replace ‘exfoliating socks’ as a product description, it doesn’t really cut it – ‘Magic socks’ maybe a better one haha…. Continue Reading

Review: Chanel foundation comparison

chanel foundation comparison review

Like most girls I love trying new foundations and although I tried a few of these years ago, I thought I’d give Chanel foundations another look and write a review on how I got on with them and how you can work out which ones might be worth a try for you!

The first thing I will say is if you have pink or neutral undertones there is a much wider selection for you to choose from then olive skin, where there is only a few! – With all the foundations being so different in tone and texture it can be difficult to choose, after reading this if you want to give any a go I would definitely say pop into your nearest counter to get matched! Continue Reading

De-mythed! : Mascaras + wands

avon mega effects mascara reviewv

Mascaras are one thing I’m always asked about and thats mainly because they look confusing…and are confusing! Theres a whole manner of different brushs and formulations – and everyone wants to right one for them and they’re lash type. So here I’m going to break down some of the best mascara types I’ve used and help de-myth the world of lashes! Continue Reading

Contour RAZOR SHARP cheekbones using tape + a store card!

eleise razor sharpe cheekbones technique

Here is a few tricks I use to create really nice, thin contouring and razor sharp cheekbones. Using tape and also a store card! Using this technique means you get more natural shadow to create great bone structure rather than creating larger darker areas to reshape the face. Continue Reading

Review: Buff and Blend lashes

buff and blend lash review eleise

I found a new lash brand! This lashes are seriously up to par with Huda lashes!….Introducing Buff and Blend.   These lashes are full of amazing 3D, fluttery faux mink hairs with a flexible band that are designed to be worn unto… Continue Reading

How to add LullaBellz Clip in Extensions to 5 hair styles!

Eleise Lullabellz clip in hair extensions

Can I just start by saying….They are called super thick for a reason! OH, MY – There is a ridiculous amount of hair on the wefts! – 250grams of pure hair flick right there!

I received colour Raven, in the straight style and they come in 20 inches on 8 pieces, (You can see them in the video below!)

Each piece is placed on a good quality lace backed weft with heavy duty clips, and the hair is smooth, shiney and has the curled under blow-dry- look ends. Amazing. The hair is synthetic although you wouldn’t really know to look at it and it can also be washed and heat styled at 160 degrees. Continue Reading

Is Nivea for Men shave balm the GREATEST FACE PRIMER EVER?

nivea for men shave balm primer review

Like so many people I saw a few select beauty bloggers refer to this product as an amazing primer, rumour has it, it started off from one blogger forgetting her moisturiser at her boyfriends house and so used this in place! – If so, VERY RISKY, but what a find!
After seeing it a couple of times I decided to see what all the fuss was about for myself. When I picked it up I assumed it was a bit like a moisturiser, maybe even a bit greasy so I was baffled at how it worked! When I got it home and opened it, it all started to make sense, its not greasy, or even that moisturisey really its got a similar texture to a slightly tacky- to-touch primer! Continue Reading

My Dressing room tour!

My wardrobe tour eleise eleise lucraft blogger

Thank you to my Youtube subscribers who suggested this video to me! – Here is my Tour of my dressing room/ make up table and some of my favourite products & outfits! My Taupe Pure Cashmere Crew jumper worn in… Continue Reading

Review: Beauty Works Double Volume and Volume Boost

Beauty works Double volume Instant weave raven eleise lucraft blogger

I just received some amazing products from Beauty works, that I wanted to share with everyone. The Double Volume Instant weave ( remy hair) and the Volume boost hair pieces.

This is my first time using crown pieces and hair pieces, and although they may look daunting at first – They are so easy to use! Each piece has specialised clips, The double volume instant weave has stretchy push in grips and the Volume boost has tradition style snap clips. Continue Reading

Spend .VS. Save – £370 designer cosmetics vs £57 drug store products!

spend vs save makeup eleise lucraft blogger

I decided to conduct an experiment where I would apply half my face with Higher end, designer cosmetics and half my face with drug store alternatives. This way I could directly see the different in quality and see where you can save and where is best to spend in the make up department! The result? – Surprising! Continue Reading