St Moritz Shade control Tan!

I discovered St Moritz while at Uni & It quickly became a favorite of me and my friends for its dark colour…So when I discovered a new variety I jumped to try it!… Ive tried the original Lotion and the mousse ( dark! – obviously!) …and the mousse was a clear winner so I’m glad the new Shade control version is also in this texture!

I found the colour to be a lot more red ( in a good way ) a bit more of a ‘dirty’ tan color….again…not in a bad way but in a ‘ i don’t look bright orange but more like I’ve been on a beach’ kind of way!…I know the base colours changed as when I shower it off the colour that rinses off is a dark browny red,different to the origional version!…

I probably havn’t done the best job in describing the colour so the pictures might do¬† better job! – Ive now firmly upgraded to the new offering as I much prefer it!….Annnnnd If I only have a few hours notice I can still be tanned ( 1 hour light, 2 hours med, 3 hours dark) development time! – The fase out on it is a lot better also, It only really goes patchy after a week and even then only on the inside of my arms infront of the elbow so not a massive deal at all!

When applying it I actually find a get a much longer lasting, deeper colour if I apply the following steps;

1. exfoliate to high heaven….I like to use exfoliating gloves, I find this is a sure fire way to make my skin smooth and soft ready for my tan! If I skip this step I almost always regret it as it doesnt fade as well and as my skins dry I can end up with dirty looking patches ( and this time I do mean dirty in the bad way!)

2. Apply moisturiser to the ankles, inbetween fingers and toes, inside of the arm, & if applying to face nose and chin as this stops it from going on your pores.

3. I like to apply it with a plastic glove ( like the type from hair dye packets!) This way I get a MUCH deeper color than using a mitt and the product goes much further.

4. I then take some product on a mitt and buff the product on areas that may appear patchier or tricky areas!

Leave on and shower off when you get the shade you want! – Every day moisturize to keep the color and fade out as good as it possibly can be!


st morotz shade control

st moritz shade control


st moritz shade control mousse colour

st moritz shade control mousse colour




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