The Scent of Summer: Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Mists

hawaiian tropic fragrance mist review eleise online

I don’t know where to start with how excited I am to have received these Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Mists from The Perfume Shop! As someone who genuinely wears Hawaiian tropic suncream as a moisturiser in the summer just because I love the smell so much, these have honestly made my year!

The bottles look like clear water coloured cocktail bottles that make you happy just looking at them… and the scents are even better!

I’l try my best to talk you through each scent so you can get a feel for them! Although they are ALL amazing….They’re all so different…. I don’t even think I can pick a favourite!

Golden Paradise

Warm Sand and Creamy Coconut.

This is exactly as you would expect a Hawaiian tropic scent to smell. If the name doesn’t already say ‘Summer in a bottle’ I don’t know what else does. This smells like hot sunshine on a white beach, Pina Coladas and warm sun kissed skin. Sweet but musky, this should really be named ‘holiday memories’ because everything about all the fun you’ve ever had on holidays comes flooding back to you when you smell it.

If this was a Destination I think it would have to be a Caribbean Island.

hawaiian tropic fragrance golden paradise mist review eleise online

Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise

Summer Dreams

Passion Flower, Mango & Musks

This is much more of a cooling fragrance, think sunset, shade and ocean breezes. This would suit laid back beach wave hair and a bit of surf. It smells like a holiday action adventure in a mist.

Destination….Malibu Beach.

hawaiian tropic fragrance Passion Flower, Mango & Musks mist review eleise online

Hawaiian Tropic Passion Flower, Mango & Musks

Island Resort

Rain Kissed Orchid & Pomegranite

This is very south pacific. I’m thinking Luau’s and Leis – this scent would match perfectly. It’s fresh but still warm with a hint of sweetness. Very island girl vibe.

This as a destination would have to be Hawaii.

hawaiian tropic fragrance Island Resort mist review eleise online

Hawaiian Tropic Island Resort

Sunkissed Dreams

Lotus Flower and Sheer Musks

The epitome of fun at sun down. Think cocktails overlooking the beach with an air of mischief. This smells like a late night beach party or a holiday romance. Perfect for after hours.

This Fragrance has Ibiza written all over it!

hawaiian tropic fragrance Sunkissed dreams mist review eleise online

Hawaiian Tropic Sunkissed Dreams

Topical Oasis

Island Coconut and Raspberry Sorbet

Sweet and refreshing this is a dip in crystal clear waters of a waterfall surrounded by lush blooming flowers. This encapsulates a hidden treasure of a cove on an island that brimming with sweet botanicals.


hawaiian tropic fragrance Tropical Oasis mist review eleise online

Hawaiian Tropic Tropical Oasis

So I know I will be wearing one of these every day for the whole summer…maybe even spring as I don’t think I can wait that long! – If you want to try any of these…Head over to The Perfume Shop where they stock the range, Retailing at £10.00 each.




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