Review: Wunder2 range

wunder2 review

So you all must have seen the videos on Instagram where the blogger applies the WunderBrow, then rubs the brows but the brows don’t smudge? – Well after seeing these videos I was so intrigued, I thought I would give some of the whole range a go to see if it really is THAT good!….

So I got the WunderBrow, Wunderblend, WunderExtensions mascara and the WunderKiss lip plumper…

Below theres a vid so you can see all the products in use ( you can also see mini vids on my instagram @eleiseonline)… But wordy people Im going to start with the WunderBrow….

So the Wunderbrow is a semi-permanent brow gel that once applied does notttttttt come off until you want it to, Permafix technology and hair fibre complex means it actually does last for days ( I can second this now I have tried it! haha)  So first of all I just want to say that this is not at all the harsh coloured gel you would imagine (well I imagined anyway) Its actually really easy to apply, its almost sheer-ish so it is buildable and looks SO NATURAL! –  The only thing I would say is as I’m a brush snob, I’m so not down for the applicator it comes with (that looks like a fibre lip gloss want) – as I am all about the angled brow brush life, but each to their own I suppose!

(This colour is Brown/black which is great shade for brunettes like me! – It hasn’t got much black in it its more like an ash brown!)

Score 9/10

wunderbrow review

wunderbrow review

Wunderbrow applicator

Next is the WunderBlend – Like the legendary Beauty Blender this little egg shaped sponge is designed to use wet to blend and apply creams, gels, liquids and powders. So how does it hold up? – The sponge is a bit of a different texture then that that I’m used to with my beloved beauty blender, its MUCH smoother and denser. That being said when you put it under the tap and squeeze it does become much bigger which means it doesn’t absorb too much product! The blender is a bit more solid then I’m used to but that being said, my contour and concealer blended like a dream…and looks flawless – and I also think for setting powder/baking this would be a real winner!….and its only around £5.95!  Score, 7/10 

wunderblend review

Third on my haul was the WunderExtensions – This for me a real eye opener (literally)… It has a dual formula inside the tube which combine when you use it, one is the Blue volumizing technology which covers the lash in micro-hydra tubes ( like a tube primer, yey for these!). The other is the black extension technology part that contains varied length and width lash extensions to mimic real hair.

So I’m not going to lie the blue scared me a bit, however when applied you absolutely can’t see any blue it sort of mixes in the tube, so lashes are black, black. Event though I would say I think it makes your eyes look whiter somehow!


WunderBrow and WunderExtensions before and after

When applying this I was quick to notice this is really a WOW product, my eyelashes looks unreal – so so long and lovely I had several people throughout the day asking  if I had on false lash extensions. Its also really long lasting and basically withholds anything you throw at it until you want to take it off! Genuinely one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used!  Score 10/10

wunderextensions review

wunderextensions review

Wunderextensions applicator

Lastly was the Wunderkiss, this looks so exciting in the pack as its a syringe AND a gloss, so you add in the varied levels of plumping booster to the gloss depending on the effect you want. I of course went for the maximum I could.  The gloss holds Dermaporting technology which builds lip volume and moisture by delivering collagen and hyaluronic acid, then the booster (which has vitamin B3 in it ) infuses the tingle sensation and the plump.

wunderkiss review 2

Wunderkiss applicator

Wunderkiss applicator

wunderkiss review

Wunderkiss review how to works

Wunderkiss – whats in the box!

You have to mix in the booster in 3 stages to ensure it mix’s correctly! One this is done its mixed forever but I really loved doing this!

This plumper really did work, although the change for me wasn’t over the top drastic, they were definitely plumper and most importantly feel hydrated and lovely…it also felt nice on the lips, (which some don’t, Im talking about you the ones that feel like your lips are on fire!). The plumper in the gloss, although see through also made my lips such a great colour which I had so many people ask me what I had on!  It also super shiney, Im a big fan. Score 8/10

wunderkiss after use

After using Wunderkiss

If you want to try any of the range or have a look at what else they do you can click here  to see their website!




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