Review: RCMA Foundation – Shinto favourites series

RCMA Shinto palette

Ive been using this foundation for a while now , but I know its not a very well known product for people that arn’t make up artists. RCMA stands for the research council of make up artists – a clue of how good it is, is in the name!

I use the 5 shade ‘series favourites’ in Shinto, this gives you SH-1 – 5 which suits light to media olive tones like me ( NC 40 in MAC Studio fix for reference)

The 5 palette mentioned is 0.5oz all together  ( 0.125oz each / 3.5g) and measures in at 5 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches ( its available on Love make up UK readers) – A single shade foundation at 1/2oz is very difficult to get your hands on in the UK if your not in an area that sells theatre make up like London but the closest I can find online is 35 euros. (Camera ready cosmetics sell these to UK but I have heard they have a very high postage and packaging/import fee)


The great thing about these  palates is your have shades to cover, contour and highlight in one! The foundation is highly pigmented, and soooo blendable! It contains to perfume, mineral oil or lanolin which can cause irritation to the skin.

RCMA Shinto palette

RCMA Shinto palette , from left to right : SH-1 to SH-5

The foundation is literally completely different to any other foundation on the market, to start off its made under very stringent conditions and very small batches so each batch gets exactly the right measurements and its weight out by exact gram of ingredients for a high quality product and consistent colour shade. its 50% pigment to wax’s and oils ( only pure vegetable and wax’s) so a little goes a VERY long way. As an example most commercial foundations use 18-23% pigment to liquid, and theatrical makeup 30-35% pigment, so this is VERY pigmented.


RCMA Shinto palette

RCMA Shinto palette swatches from left to right : SH-1 to SH-5

RCMA swatches blended

RCMA swatches blended from left to right : SH-1 to SH-5

..The finish is something I’ve never seen with a foundation before, its like a second skin, not a foundation layer. The texture, the colours, the wear , the finish the EVERYTHING is like real skin. I can’t stress this enough!…It’s so long wearing doesnt cake or separate, and low halation means if you have dry skin you don’t have to powder ( so this is deal for any men that fancy a bit of coverage, as well as male TV stars)

You really need to try this product to believe it the finish of it! Heres a photo of a VERY LIGHT layer of SH1/2 on the skin ( Im my palest at the moment) – As you can see it just camouflages on the skin and perfects it!


RCMA on the skin using SH -1 / 2

A very light covering of RCMA on the skin using SH -1 / 2






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