Review: Plump It 


The chances are you have seen this everywhereeeee on social media recently! This little silver shiney tube of plumping goodness is seen on a whole host of celebrity’s on Instagram so I was more than happy to give this a go!

So it says to apply this on clean and moisturised lips, and repeat apply as you wish.

First of all let me just say woooowwwwwwww this is STRONG! I don’t know if you have tried Too Faced lip injection… But this burns even more than that! – in a good, this-is-doing-something way! But I will say now the first initial few clicks and the first application is the strongest, I’m not sure why? …. And I’m greatful too as the first one is almost too much to take! But after that it’s much more manageable! Haha

When you apply it it comes out of a little hole on the end of a sponge applicator by clicking the end. The clicks are oddly satisfying but 1 is mild, two is medium and 3 is high! So I used two and once applied, the tingle starts and you can see the blood flow start coming to your lips – it definatley plumps! The sting doesn’t last for that long but the effects start after a few minutes… (You can see an application video on my Instagram: @eleiseonline)

It says the effects can last for upto 12 hours, I don’t think it lasted that long on me at full effect, but my lips definatley still look a bit plumper at the end of the day than they did at the start of the day! So it must be working hard behind the scenes!

The ideal thing with this is that it can be worn underneath lipstick which is ideal, so although it looks glossy when it goes on- it sinks in a bit like a non-greasy serum!

So lip plump fans you can check this out here


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