Review: Panasonic Denta Care EW1211W Water flosser

Panasonic Denta Care EW1211W Water flosser review

So lately Ive been getting really into my teeth and although not strictly beauty related I wanted to share a review of this product with you because its unreal! – and anyone who’s into being clean…you will thank me for it!..

If you watch my Youtube channel you will know my love for my Miswak stick ( a natural stick you brush over your teeth to whiten, polish and keep plaque away)….so I’m just adding to my regime further with this product…

Basically for anyone thats never heard of these before its like a mini power jet wash for your teeth, it cleans in between teeth and the area between your tooth and gums with high pressure jet of water…And I for one, am obsessed. This really gives you a dentist clean feeling.

I read lots of reviews on the product spec compared to others and this one seems to rate very highly, the pressure is very strong, supposedly the strongest portable on the market.  It has no batterys, just a charger that you need to charge up after approx 15 mins of use ( which doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m only having to charge now after 4 days)  The size is a bit bigger than an electric tooth brush, so its easy to handle and looks fine in the bathroom. (unlike the plug in ones!).

Panasonic Denta Care EW1211W Water flosser review Panasonic Denta Care EW1211W Water flosser review

Panasonic Denta Care EW1211W Water flosser review

Panasonic Denta Care EW1211W Water flosser tip

This has 3 settings, the jet, and 2 air in options normal and soft pressure…I was hoping the soft to be softer for cleaning around the mouth but it does hurt about and it sort of jets out in pulses!…

It jets for around 35 seconds before refilling, which I find to be enough to do top OR bottom row of teeth front and back.


Ive been using this for 4 days now and I have no gum inflammation, and I can easily feel the jet from one side of the tooth to the other ( even the teeth that floss doesn’t fit between!) which is very reassuring!…and my mouth feels amazing!

The only downsides I can think of is  I wish it had an even gentler setting, I would prefer it if it came with a  UK plug as its a shaver plug, but as I don’t have a shaver plug in my bathroom I can’t plug it in so I had to get an adapter, and lastly I wish it came with other attachments like the waterpik version does….so hopefully they will bring some out!..

I know its a bit sad I’m so exited about this product but fellow teeth geeks reading this…I hope I’ve inspired some of you to get one, you won’t regret it!



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