Review: Naissant Perla Beige 

My hair is Balayage blonde at the bottom and being brunette it never occurred to me to use a toning shampoo, but what a difference it makes!

Firstly I just want to say the more I think about it the more I LOVE the name ‘perlabeige’  – The bright purple colour is completely new to me, as was leaving a shampoo on for ten mins ( leaving the mask is more normal) but was it worth it? – Completley!

The idea is it corrects the tone & highlights of coloured light hair, Not only did my hair feel like it had come from the salon, my styling seemed to work better because of it and the colour had already added in a much for Ashey tone already on first use! The longer you leave it on the more intense the effect ‘semi perminant’ Color correction. The second and third wash proved it lives up to its claims!

In the before/ after picture you can see;

1- before the use
2- first wash

3- second wash

4- third wash



naissant perla blonde shampoo and treatment blogger eleise

naissant perla beige shampoo and treatment


Naissant Perlabeige treatment

Naissant Perlabeige Treatment


Naissant PerlaBeige blonde pearl purple shampoo review eleise blogger beauty

Naissant PerlaBeige blonde pearl purple shampoo


Naissant PerlaBeige review before and after

Naissant PerlaBeige before and after



1. Hair feels soft , healthy & salon standard

2. Colour is definitely corrected!- and seems to improve with continued use.

3. The mask has drastically improved the condition on the hair!


1. Can’t really think of any but it’s a bit of a long wait for intense results, but it’s worth it! – actually I can say the shampoo takes a bit of product to get nice& lathered but again it does state to use a fair amount in the directions


outstanding. Well worth ago for Balayage hair & I can imagine blonde hair would benefit even more!
Price – £15.99 shampoo / treatment each, you can buy here from Amazon!


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