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  Imagine my delight when I find out a Kiko store had opened in Brighton! I first discovered this brand when I went to Rome and found all these cool new make up ranges I had never heard of ( along with WJCON which i wish they would bring here!) …So… I skipped down there to have a little look around and came out with some amazing products!

First up is my eyeshadow ‘Infinity satin brick‘ – Ive been looking for a colour like this for a while now and so please I found one, its like a warm, orangy, reddy, blush colour which sounds awful but is great on green eyes! The pan is large so will last a while, its the perfect matte texture, easy to blend and the pigment levels in it is amazing! – I think this was around £2.80 so really great and I was so surprised by the price!

Second up is my lip pencil this is called a smart lip pencil as it’s ‘the perfect balance between blendability and precision’ – true,  ‘high coverage adheres perfectly with no transfer’ true, and a ‘smudge proof hold’ also…very true! the colour is a great nude ‘700 light sienna’ and is priced at £2.50…. I know, i don’t understand the price either the products are great!


KIKO satin brick swatch kiko smart lip liner 700 swatch

KIKO satin brick swatch KIKO smart lip liner 700 swatch

Next up is my eyeliners, I’m always on the lookout for eyeliners as I really don’t like pencil liners for around the eyes ( only the waterline) so i always use gel or liquid…Liquid liners never have an easy enough brush, or the pen dried out quickly and gel liners are always drying out. But I have tried MAC fluid line, Bobbi Brown, Rimmel and various other gel liners which all dry up far too quickly…. I have only had this Kiko lasting gel liner for a few weeks so I can’t comment on weather it drys up as its still lovely,glossy and loose. However what I can say is the texture, the durability and the size of the product is great! It easily outshines all of the above premium gel liners I have tried,and it weighs in at £8.90… amazing!

Next is the everlasting kajal… just keeps getting better and better…Now I have tried esteem lauder double wear on the waterline ,  which is ok….and I even in my youth used to melt a liner and apply it to my eye (obviously once its cooled down, but i still don’t recommend this!) – Now this did work but obviously its not ideal….So this Kajal has come along and revolutionised my lining!….not only does it glide on like butter and is dark and intense but it does actually last a lonnnnng time on the waterline, and if its applied to the skin itdoesnt smudge once its se…amazing and £5.20…are you getting the picture yet?! Finally a great textured make up range that does what it says that doesn’t cost the earth!

  If you don’t have one by you, but fancy trying there great range…you can purchase from

kiko everlasting kajal eleise beauty blogger

Kiko everlasting kajal on!

Kiko satin brick, 700 lip liner and gel liner eleise beauty blogger

Kiko satin brick, 700 lip liner and gel liner!



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