Review: Maybelline Lash sensational 

maybelline lash sensational review

Its time for me to try a new mascara…Ive been using Lancome Hypnose for a while now ( It makes your lashes amazing and fluttery, however it dried out quite fast!), so I thought it was time to spread my wings around Boots beauty hall and give something else a go.

Prior to my Lancome invasion I was partial to a Loreal double extension and a benefit they’re real ( I still am), but in the back of my mind I always remember the cult classic Great lash by Maybelline and although the packaging hurts my eyes I was ready to re try it….then this caught my eye!

For one I’m such a fan of a plastic brush, as they combe and separate the lashes and two, I love a curved brush so this looked to be bang on the money… and as I suspected I was correct…

This makes your lashes look long….and by long I mean reaaaaaalllly long. and the end in perfect for doing the bottom lashes! I love it when you take a make up chance and it pays off!

The texture is loose, but not watery so clumps are a thing of the past and the colour is a good dark black – perfect. It also doesn’t flake, dry or smudge under the eyes and many can!



Maybelline lash sensational brush

Maybelline lash sensational brush

maybelline lash sensational

maybelline lash sensational on

maybelline lash sensational on before combing through



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