Review: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

liz earle cleanse and polish review eleise


…I just wanted that to be the first word associated with this cleanser.


… the fact I’ve waited SO LONG to try it!!

Vary rarely have I tried a product which I felt has lived up to the hype – But here it is, I’ve found one!

When I went in to see the skincare representative from Liz Earle he told me people literally come in and say its changed there life. A bit of an exaggeration, I thought – but for people with skin troubles I can now see that would be accurate.

So off I popped to purchase one, with the muslin cloths and never have I been so exited to get home and take off my make up!

My skin care routine for the past ten years has been as follows; I put makeup on, I take it off with a makeup wipe, and I put on some moisturiser. (Please don’t give me that shock horror look some people give me when I say I only use make up wipes, I know now! haha) – anyway, any more than that cleansers toners blah blah blah has just made my skin go bad. To quote my mum ‘you know what our skins like – if you mess about with it too much it will mess about back!’. So anyway needless to say my make up wipes always sufficed and I never had a problem, UNTIL my skin of recent has been looking a bit lack lustre….In comes Liz Earle.

So my reason for telling you that /\ is the reason why I’m going to tell you this. I took off my make up with my usual make up wipes, my skin LOOKS clean as a whistle….but how wrong was I! I applied a pump of the cleanser onto my dry skin and massaged in, I wet the cloth under warm water and removed to my HORROR what looked like an entire tube of mac studio fix off my face ( that might be a be of an exaggeration but it was pretty bad) …and to make matters worse my skin make up that day only consisted of a tinted BB cream and a bit of powder! I can’t cope!…

So obviously I documented it for you guys to see, below ( your welcome, haha) mainly because I feel like everyone needs to go and get some! –

liz earle cleanse and polish review eleise

Liz Earle Muslin cloth

liz earle cleanse and polish review eleise

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish texture

what liz earle takes off after a make up wipe

What was left on my face from BB cream AFTER a face wipe!

what liz earle cleanse and polish takes off

What came off when washing in the morning!



As you can see it also shows what came off after just 1 nights sleep!….

So 1 week on from my ordeal – My skin looks like someone has given me there nicer, smoother, brighter and more hydrated skin as a trade. I can’t believe the difference in a week – I now feel like its a shame to put make up on in the morning because my skin just feels so nice and clean! –


….Il update soon on my further findings!



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