Reset Your Routine with IIAA


Those of you who follow my Instagram will know I work closely with the brand IIAA, Namely Jane Iredale, Advanced Nutrition Programme and Environ skincare. If you do you know – I work with them for a VERY good reason…they offer some of the best products I’ve ever tried. hands down.

…I’m telling you this off my own back…because the products speak for themselves.

I can quite happily say I was the laziest person with my skincare before I was introduced to the brands – and I didn’t realise the importance or just how much of a MASSIVE CHANGE looking after your skin can make. I guess I had just never found the right products until now. So thats me….up there…shouting about how great they are from the rooftops to anyone that will listen.

The packages they send are my favourite to receive…. not only are they always so cute and imaginative, the products are always amazing.

So just just to fill you in for anybody thats been hiding under a rock and not heard me shouting from the rooftops…

Advanced Nutrition Programme – Vitamins and Supplements to help your skin (and other things) from within…

Environ – to look after your skin from the outside

Jane Iredale – The make up thats actually doing your skin some good!…

all 3 under one umbrella to make one massive difference.

For anyone wanting to see more on the products I use in my routine you can do so here

….But I wanted to show you some of my latest bits I have received from them from the Reset Your Routine campaign!

Reset your routine 

First of all can we just discuss the acrylic box, which to a make up artist is just very exciting…secondly the fake grass…so cute I can’t cope….Thirdly all these amazing products to ‘reset your routine’.


Reseting your routine is all about putting all your usual products aside and trying IIAA products to see what all the fuss is about! They work on getting you healthier, glowing skin from the inside and out – for one month. I can promise you when I first did this…It didn’t take a month, I could see the difference after a week!..But 1 month is what they recommend to start seeing a positive change in your skin!…

Jane Iredale Products are available online, as are ANP – but for Environ you will need to go to your local stockist/salon and have a skin anaylsis which will guide you through all the products you will need from the range.

In this package;



 ‘Skincare Ultimate‘ pods of supplements, so hands and makes you remember to take them every day …also SO convenient for holidays!… but with 28 pods of 5 different supplements this is to get your skin glowing from the inside in just a month! Each pod contains  Vitamin A+D, Antioxidants, Omegas 3+6, Biotin + astaxanthin, C0Q10 + Pine Bark Extract. These combined keep your skin and hair healthy and balanced by providing you with plant nutrients, essential fatty acids and Vitamins.

Body Profile 

A body sculpting gel to firm and condition.

Skin EssentIA 

My everyday moisturiser which I love! With Vitamins A, C and E to help revel beautiful skin!

Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Kit 

Beautiful everyday matte shades, so flattering for everyone…and those of you with green eyes…These colours really make them pop!

Jane Iredale Matte eyeshadow review

Mystical Powdered Eyeliner

Such a great easy to use liner, the pot underneath contains the product – and the eyeliner brush is in the top! Ingenious.

Pure Moist Lipstick – Cindy

These lipsticks are great for an everyday moisturising lip colour, that is good for your skin!

If you want to check out the range and Rest Your Routine, have a look and buy here ; You can use my code Eleise 15 across for 15% off Jane Iredale!




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