Product review: St Tropez Gradual Tan in shower lotion

St tropez shower review eleise beauty blogger

Having seen all the hype on this product I thought I would give this a go! I LOVE LOVE LOVE St Tropez ( the lotion and every day moisturizer in particular!) so I was hoping this would be a new fav!…

So when you open it its a really thick creme, it doesn’t smell like traditional fake tan smells its got quite a subtle, nice cosmeticy smell. As per the instructions I jumped in the shower had a nice wash and then applied it to wet skin, rinsed my hands waited three minutes and then rinsed it off.

St Tropez gradual Tan in shower packaging eleise beauty blogger

St Tropez gradual Tan in shower packaging

St Tropez gradual Tan in shower - Lotion colour eleise blogegr review

St Tropez gradual Tan in shower – Lotion colour

St Tropez gradual Tan in shower on wet skin blogger eleise

St Tropez gradual Tan in shower on wet skin

Shade before and after st tropez in shower gradual tan review olive skin eleise beauty blogger

Shade Before and After St Tropez in shower gradual tan

Now there’s some massive pros and cons to this product that might be worth a read before you purchase…


1.Other than the nicer smell, the product seems to make your skin feel like silk! even when your dry – even as just a moisturiser its amazing!

2.No colour comes off in the shower, or your towels & off course no tan on the bed sheet. I 100% thought it would leave marks on the towels but I was very happy to discover it didnt!

3. The colour can be easily built up & it doesn’t interrupt your day or what you wear!

4. A little goes a LONG way – I can imagine this tube would take a while to get through!

CONS (I hate writing cons i was really hoping for none but theres some stuff the people at HQ didnt think off!)

1.So in the UK using this product wet when your in the shower might seem like a good idea however, when you get out the shower wet, hat do you get? Cold!….So having to switch the shower off and stand wet for three minutes seems a bit like 3 hours!

2. What do you do with your hands? Im so used to traditional tans where I use a mit- then use the mit to do the back of my hands – So I was a bit lost when I had to wash my hands then either risk having white hands or try and rub the backs on somewhere like my legs to get some colour back on them!

3. The colour isn’t as dark as the every day gradual tan – Although I’m sure for people with lighter skin this would be a really great colour…. But on my olivey toned skin, it didnt go dark enough.

4. Again – I think this is just because of my preferences, I wasn’t keen that I couldnt see where the product went… usually with un-colored lotions you can even see a slight shine to the skin to indicate where you have put it, but on wet skin – All the best. The good news in St Tropez is a quality product and i’ve always found them good for getting no streaks even if there is in application!


So all in all If you have a lighter skin tone & don’t enjoy getting brown sheets this is a genius idea & This product is for you. A light, Natural glow with no streaks is what you get! …. I hope this sets a trend for tans to get clever with the application….I just WISH they made a darker version! – If your looking for a darker tan the original brown lotion is still for you…So dark, amazing finish, amazing wear, amazing everything!

P.S For all those wanting to buy It – Just a word of warning its so popular I went to 3 stores before I found it – Its selling out faster than they can restock so maybe check ahead if you go in specifically for it!






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