Payday wishlist! – November 2015

Ohhhhh its that time of the month again when girls across the world rally up all the things they’ve been eyeing up this month! – Heres what has caught my eye this month..

  • Contour cosmetics launched they’re new Contour 2 Palette Including he colour I love to contour with a cool, grey toned light brown which is ideal to create a realistic looking hollow ( much like Benefit Hoola the BEST powder to contour in the whole wide worllllldddd in my opinion!) Its £42.00 from
 contour cosmetics 2 blogger

contour cosmetics 2


  • Thigh high suede boots – I love thigh high boots, I love suede, and I LOVE NUDE! So these are ideal for day wear as they are block heel but still high enough for night use…and…they are extra high on the leg…I’m in love! £39.99 from heelberry
    heelberry thigh high boots blogger

    heelberry Mocha Brown thigh high boots


  • My love of bomber jackets have been around for about 8 months and my quest for a nice nude coloured one ( before the amount of ones that are on the market now!) was never founded, all shiney, or a funny colour, or contrasting hems. However I admitted defeat and opted for a Khaki one. Among the sea of too shiney, too padded, too green ones that arnt to my taste I discovered mens jackets in Small are much nicer than the girl ones, but could I get hold of a small, no! Haha but I found this and its PERFECT, matte, lightly padded and a colour in between khaki and nude…Ive already shared this with a lot of my friends so I thought I’d extend this to my gorgeous blogger buddies.. click here (the original seller changed the product to a horrible jacket, so If this one does the same…Im sorry!haha)
    matte khaki bomber jacket

    Matte Khaki Bomber Jacket


  • These Faux Suede trousers are everrryyything! After seeing the balmain trousers I had a pair of these on my wishlist. From Jlux Label (formally Jaide clothing) at $46.99  – Also this is Jean Watts modelling these which makes me want these at least 200% more! Haha!
    jlux label espesso faux suede leggings blogger

    jlux label espesso faux suede leggings


  • Horray! Huda beauty is finally available in the UK at Cult beauty – These Samantha pairs (£15.50) are among my favourites Im so exited they will be much easier to get hold of now!
    huda beauty samantha blogger uk

    Huda Beauty Samantha Lashes


  •  Tarteist contour palette and Tartlette 2 , both NEW $45 from Tarte cosmetics. Im not usually the biggest fan of contour ‘palettes’ as you always use 2 colours and the rest are forgotten about, but I think this contour palette looks like its got good colours, light yellows, highlights, dark and blush (although I’m sure sure if the colour is grey enough for convincing contour!)  and Tartlette 2 which looks incredible! ( Tarte is also available on Sephora for Non-US customers with great shipping internationally!)
    Tarte tartiest contour palette

    Tarte tartiest contour palette

    Tarte Tartlette in bloom blogger

    Tarte Tartlette in bloom
















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