Clever Little Make up Inventions…

lipstiks cosmetiks review

Sometimes I use a product and just think – Do you know what …Who even thought of this?…This is amazing!

I have come across some pretty clever little creations recently that deserve an absolute round of applause and as usual I wanted to share these with you…

Time Bomb – Holiday In A Bottle 

So this little gem is genius – If I said to you in this mini little bottle is a formulation thats NOT a foundation, NOT  a fake tan and NOT a stain but it makes your skin radiate with glow, what would you say? Probably…. ‘Where do I get it?’

Well the answer is Here….(you can also get it in Selfridges).  This is a liquid texture that comes out white with tiny little blue spec spheres in it. These spheres, or micro pigments basically burst upon application and turn your skin into the best holiday looking glow ever. I can’t even describe what it does to the skin, hopefully these pictures show just how radient it makes it, but the name has never been so fitting for a product, it IS Holiday In A Bottle.

£28, 30ml. 

time_bomb_holiday_in_a_bottle_review time_bomb_holiday_in_a_bottle_review time_bomb_holiday_in_a_bottle_review time_bomb_holiday_in_a_bottle_review time_bomb_holiday_in_a_bottle_review


Stiks Cosmetiks – Lipstiks

One handed lipstick application? Who knew! These Lipstiks are cleverly designed for easy application and transportation.  The flip-able lids mean you can open and apply with ease, the rectangular shape means its SO much more easy to fit in a clutch bag than normal round ones and the GENIUS shaped bullet means you can get sharp shaped edge. On top of that your get killer pigment and long lasting colour. Just amazing.


lipstiks cosmetiks review

lipstiks cosmetiks review

lipstiks cosmetiks review

lipstiks cosmetiks review

Lipstiks – Rose and Burgundy

Bliss -Fabulous Make up melt gel-to-oil cleanser 

Well, isn’t this just a nice surprise! – It’s a make up remover that starts off life as the most satisfying thick gel like texture that basically transforms when rubbed into the skin to a nourishing oil based cleanser. This then washes off leaving your skin super soft. I can’t even explain to you how amazing the texture feels (well, I can as I just tried to,  but honestly – its unreal!) The make up literally does exactly what is says on the tube, melts away…and you can see it in front of your eyes.


bliss make up melt review

Norvell – Bronzing for faces 

Whenever I think of fake tan I think 1) urrghhh messy application and 2) Why does your body always stay browner than your face?…..Well right there is two things you don’t get with this. This pump spray tan is designed for quick and easy touch ups to the face. It’s got an instant colour, it’s a liquid formulation and it smells a bit like cherry chocolate!…. I like to apply it with a buffer brush, so it’s not messy, its super quick to top up on the face in between tans and so so easy. Bish, Bosh, Bash


Wet Brush-Pro, Detangle professional 

Now how this works, is beyond me. It looks like a normal brush, it feels like a normal brush…..but its not a normal brush – and I can’t work out why it works SO MUCH BETTER than a normal brush. I’ve turned to the side of the pack to try and get some answers and it sums it up in one easy sentence..’IntelliFlex Bristles are firm on one stroke, but ‘gives’ on the next.’ ….It’s hard to explain but all we need to know is it SAILS through wet hair and it’s a little bit more ergonomic than a tangle teaser. It’s also fantastic on extensions and dry hair too.


L.A.B 2 -Lash out loud mascara wands

Ever had a fav mascara wand, but wasn’t keen on the actual mascara? Ever wanted Extra volume, length or curl that your current brush doesn’t give you?….Drum roll please because these are preeeeeetty clever. This little pack contains 4 types of disposable brushes, but if you use them for personal use you don’t have to dispose of them – Just give them a little wash.  First off all they are made from super flexible and soft rubber/plastic stuff. Second of all they are here to save the day for all mascara occasions (Orange is for lenghtening, green is for volumising, purple works on definiton while pink is brilliant at curling) and third of all….look at how pretty they are…



lab2_mascara_wands_review lab2_mascara_wands_review


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