My new obsession- Lush massage bars!

lush yes yes yes massage bar review

You know when you love a product and you want to tell the world about it? Well I went into Lush for the first time in a very long time ( Mainly because the smell is overwhelming!) and got carried away looking at all the amazing stuff they have in there ( errrrrr…..shampoo bars and toothpaste tablets?! say what!) …During my travel around the store I stumbled across something that I know is going to be part of my life for a very long time – The massage bar. Not just any old massage bar but the Yes Yes Yes massage bar infused with lots of things including Jasmine oil my absolute, all time fav! Now I don’t use this as a massage bar, but as a skin moisturiser and I am absolutely loving that I have found this!….

Im going to show you a picture of what it should look like as by the time I got round to taking a picture I had had it 24 hours and used it 4 times so it didn’t look fresh and new anymore!

lush yes yes yes massage bar review

So basically in the bar is Oil & butters the melt on your skin upon contact, it smells like everything amazing in the world and leaves your skin with an amazing glow and moisturised feeling the lasts for such a long time! – Personally I like to use it after I’ve been in the shower as it melts easier and it locks in moisture to damp skin!

In this bar is Fair-trade organic cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter, organic almond oil, jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil, rose absolute, fair trade vanilla absolute and sandalwood oil. Basically all my favourite things in a bar. The sales lady told me its the equivalent of 1l of oil in the bar, its all fair trade, all organic, included rose, jasmine and vanilla absolute, its portable and its £5.95?  – are you joking me? Why have I been buying all these lotions and potions when I could’ve had this all along!


lush yes yes yes massage bar review

So obviously its supposed to be a massage bar, Although you can feel a massaging effect using it, there are other bars that have stuff in them like coffee beans or are shaped differently to maximise this…This bar however, for me is more like a moisturiser/skin oil. Ive got dry skin and putting this on after a shower is like heaven! You can see below the amazing sheen it leaves…


lush yes yes yes massage bar review

Lush yes yes yes massage bar swatch

The other two I bought as presents for people were Bubble Bar ( a floral rosy, coconut oil based bar with sago bubbles like from bubble tea in it!) and the Hottie Bar which is a deep tissue warming, shaped one for people who like to go to the gym a lot! … Obviously I didn’t photograph or swatch them as giving someone a half used present is disgusting, but they are amazing too, haha!

I literally cant recommend this enough, so next time you cross a Lush store, don’t be afraid go in and you never know what you might find! – Next on my list is their bar that has bronzing luminating shimmer in it…. Il just be careful of wearing white!



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