My new Brown/Grey/Griege lipsticks!

LA Girl poetic swatch

American brands are EVERYTHING for colours of the minute so I ordered NYX Butter ( a greige nude) , NYX Maison ( a browny shade)  & LA Girl poetic ( pure grey) lipsticks!

These 3 lipsticks are so great to mix to create greige lipsticks from light to dark like the popular Melt laced, gerard underground, and colouredraine Marshmallow.

Heres some colour swatches so you can see the amazingness of them!

LA Girl poetic swatch

LA Girl poetic swatch (top) NYX Maison ( middle) NYX Butter (bottom)

NYX maison swatch

NYX maison swatch ( top) NYX Butter (bottom)

NYX Butter swatch

NYX Butter swatch

nyx la girl lipstick haul eleise beauty blogger

nyx butter nyx maison la girl poetic swatch

nyx butter (bottom) nyx maison (middle) la girl poetic swatch ( top)

Here you can see a custom blend of the colours….( tutorial of this look will be up soon!)

mix your own griege lipstick

NYX butter, NYX Maison + Poetic greige lipstick mix



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