Beauty box lovers…..A review of the new Bodymonth boxes!


So many people love getting monthly box’s (myself included) …So I want to share with you a new box I’ve recently come across…Bodymonth. This is designed to give you everything you need to care for your body and skin in a month!

The Bodymonth boxes come in two options, £19.00 for the standard box and £29.00 for the premium box, and they are also available in a Men’s box ( perfect idea for men who live on their own I’d say!) both box’s include;

  • Body Puff
  • Face Wash
  • 2x Bath Soap/Gel
  • Electric Facial Brush
  • Moisturiser
  • Hair Removal/Shaver
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo
  • Face Mask

…and the premium box also has tracked delivery, monthly free samples/gifts and includes premium brands.

So this is how the box comes in the post….

bodymonth packaging

Bodymonth packaging

Bodymonth box review

Bodymonth box

Body month september box

Body month – Whats in the September ’16 box

I received the Premium Box, which this month included Dove Shampoo, Dove Body moisturiser, Sure motion sense deodorant, Baylis & Harding Shower cream, Baylis & Harding bath foam, Veet hair removal cream, Simple refreshing face wash, 7th heaven coconut mask, A body puff, a 5 attachment facial massager brush, Magnum Chocolate and some sunglasses.

( You can scroll down for a full unpacking of the box in my review video!)

All in all I think the box is a great idea, All the products are full size and will last you well over a month (other than one off things like the face mask) I estimated the products at about £35.41, and the box is £29 so you do save a few pounds although I think the main attraction of the box is the convenience!

My major plus’s were the Baylis & Harding products as I love these  for looking nice in the shower and they last for ages ( they also smell amazing)! I also love the fact that this is all full sized products you will actually use!

If I had to think of any minus points it would be I was a bit hesitant of the 5- in -1 facial massager as the box has some Chinese writing on it, which to felt a little cheap at first impression… but actually this was just the first impression and the product its self is actually really good and I’ve used it a lot since receiving it (I especially love the massage attacher that helps moisturisers sink into the skin!)

If you want to check out the box they have 15% off this month ( September’16) you can click here!


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