Review: Mehron Celebre Pro HD + How to colour match eurasia range!

MAC studio fix comparison to Mehron Celebre pro HD eurasia

How to find your color with Celebre Pro HD is anyones guess….I guess by swatches and comparisons to MA.C. colours although with flash, lighting, cameras these can’t always be reliable. Im MAC NC40 and was very keen to find a comparison is Mehron Celebre Pro HD but couldn’t find one in any review….So Here is my review. You can also scroll down for a video and application of the product.

My original thought process was to get one dark, and one fairly light colour, one in a ┬áneutral shade, and one in the eurasia yellow toned range as the neutral looked too pink, and the eurasia looked too yellow! So my though process was mixing the two would be a great way to start, as i could mix a base colour and also have a highlight and contour colour. My purchase was for┬áM1 and Eurasia Chinois. As I previously stated I am NC40 through and through and when I mixed these although it was the right depth of colour ( and amazing for highlight and contour) the M1 still made it a little pink for me. So on a went to Stage Door make up online and purchased the Eurasia Japonais…..perfect. The yellow is not as yellow as it looks in many swatches online, its standard yellow toned like MAC NC

If I was to hazard a guess the Eurasia Japonais is compared to MAC NC35, Eurasia Japonais would be around NC50 and M1 would probably be an NW25 is ( but I’m not as hot on NW’s so don’t quote me on that!)

So now comes the texture….its great, amazing, perfect, glides on like butter its lasts a good amount of time and its best to set it with a primer and setting powder where it was last you all day! The colours are absolutely exceptional for blending and contouring too! You may be a bit put off by the term stage make up, but don’t let it!… You can apply little or a lot of this depending on occasion and it still looks flawless!

Below is a video in a little bit more depth and colour comparison!

MAC studio fix comparison to Mehron Celebre pro HD eurasia

From left to right: MAC NC50, Mehron Eurasia Chinois, MAC NC40, Mehron Eurasia Japonais, Mehron M1

Mehron eurasia swatches

On the jawline Mehron chinois, mehron Japonais, Mehron M1



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