My Massive Smashbox Haul!

massive smashbox haul swatches try on

I have always been intrigued by Smashbox ever since I first used their iconic primer, We don’t have many brands like it in the UK and as brits, to be frank I don’t think we appreciate it enough! Smashbox cosmetics are tested under studio lights, flashes, continuous wear and in photoshoot environments – which in short means everything is a flattering texture for your skin in all lights and wears well! Smashbox is after all, named after its namesake studios in America!

These are professional products available for everyone! I bought a lot of products from them so I thought I would share with you my massive haul ( Scroll down for video) so you can see some of these products up close and personal and see how they look after a 9 HOUR wear test! By the time Ive written and recorded this review, I have used these on myself and clients so I have really got a feel for them! …

So what did I buy?…Camera ready BB waters, Studio Skin foundations, HD concealer, Step by step contour sticks, Crush on blush palette, Photo Mattes eye palette,  24 Hour Photo finish shadow primer, Photo finish face primer, Photo finish face primer light, Photo finish face primer pore minimizing, Photo finish face primer luminizing, Colour correcting primer blend,  colour correcting primer adjust, x rated mascara, photo finish lash primer, and always sharp lip liner!

So lets begin the review;


What they say: BB foundation with a thin, water-like veil. Breakthrough system that suspends pigments in H2O  hydrates your skin throughout the day. Photoset Polymers—taken from medical grade liquid bandage technology—make it last from A.M. to afterhours.

What I say: Well….can I just jump right in and say amazing!?

Texture: The texture of these on the skin is literally heaven, so quenched and light and luminous makes the skin look incredible!  This is very runny so I like to apply with a buffing brush for a flawless glow.

Wear: They last a good amount of time, for daily use!.

How it looks on the skin: Unreal! like super moisturised, drunk-your-8-glasses-of-water-a-day skin! best for those who want lighter coverage, but it is buildable! Not for those who want a lot of coverage or matte finish.

Blendability: Great, blends in seamlessly.

Colours: I got Fair and dark to mix in my kit. Colour range has pinky, neutral and mild yellow tones in it. Range from very very pale to medium dark.

Price: £29

Rating: 10/5 – yep thats right. TEN!


smashbox BB water review

smashbox BB water texture

smashbox BB water review

smashbox bb water swatches

What they say: This hydrating foundation was created in our L.A. photo studio to look and feel amazing for 15 hours. Light diffusing spheres blur imperfections, Sweat-proof, transfer-proof & exercise-resistant, Colour true and colour consistent.

What I say: Flexi, skin true all day amazingness! Estees doublewear flash back in photos, Mac pro longer can be drying – this fills the gap and gives you the best of both worlds!

Texture: Medium coverage, liquid foundation. Great and non drying, no caking like most long wear foundations!

Wear: long, long, longgggg.

How it looks on the skin: Foundation is a natural skin finish ( ir not too matte, not dewey) It almost locks to the skin and flex’s with it for no caking! No need for powder.

Blend ability: Easily blended, not super quick drying like some long wear foundations.

Colours: I got Porcelain and Golden tan to mix. They have a great range of colours including yellow based and neutral which has just expanded! Range from very very pale to medium dark.


Rating: 5/5smashbox studio skin review

smashbox studio skin swatch vs BB water swatch

smashbox studio skin swatch mixing


smashbox studio skin swatch vs BB water swatch

smashbox studio skin swatch blended out


What they say: a cult favorite—reimagined! We’ve heard time and again that pro artists can’t live without our palette of contour powders. Now there’s a new form to love—creamy sticks!

What I say: The texture of these are so amazing, I almost bought a palette with a load of stuff I didn’t need just because it had the potted version of these in it…. just. for. them. Thats how nice they are. Comes with a how to guide and a jumbo sharpener to fit them, perfect.

Texture: Powdery Soft cream, super drawable creamy-like-weightlessness.

Wear: excellent, last as long as you need.

How it looks on the skin: weightless, subtle- this is for real looking skin not massively heavy pigmented concealers.

Blend ability: super blended and subtle, but a they are pigmented they need blending a fair bit.

Colours: these come as a trio, highlight, Bronze and Contour, the bronze is supposed to bridge the gap and blend it better – personally I find the light and contour the ones I use, The bronze is good for warming skin tones, but its too yellow for contour! The highlight is mild yellow light, and contour is a nice ashy shadowy brown and work on a broad spectrum facial colourings, but avoid the bronze unless you are yellow toned.

Price: £35.00

Rating:  3/5 (Love the texture, but could do with jut light and dark and the lids for some reason spring off the end if you out them there while in use, and make the pencil jump out of your hand – which has made me drop them a few times! otherwise it would be 4.5-5/5)

smash box step by step contour trio sticks review smash box step by step contour trio sticks review

smash box step by step contour trio sticks review

smash box step by step contour trio sticks swatches, left to right: Bronze, Contour and highlight.


What they say: This palette has everything you need to get glowing—from 4 universal shades of blush for the perfect flush, to bronzer and highlighter for shading, contouring and adding dimension.

What I say: super pigmented, excellent colours, nice to mix custom colour or use peach/pink to pop. I love that it has matte and slightly pearly finish’s and also a bronze, too light to contour with on a lot of skins though!….and the highlight – oh my. amazinggggg!

Texture: beautiful, soft, non powdery or cakey

Wear: excellent, doesn’t patch.

How it looks on the skin: beautiful, sheer but very pigmented, looks like satin not powder. The slight shimmer in the middle colours add a beautiful subtle glow, or matte colours for natural beauty! The highlights supppppper pigmented and you use the smallest bit for a beautiful pearly glow!

Blend ability: very bendable and buildable!

Colours: Great to mix custom, such a great colour palette, add bronze to warm, pink, peach matte or glow something for everyone and every occasion!

Price: £35.00

Rating: 6/5 (that good!)

smash box crush on blush palette

smash box crush on blush palette

smash box crush on blush palette

smashbox crush on blush swatches

smashbox crush on blush swatches


What they say: Each shade in this matte collection is a multitasker—from stay-put shadows that double as liner to brow powders that also work as shadows. And to make it even more versatile, each ultra-silky, richly pigmented shade can also be used wet for a more intense effect.

What I say: What a product!!! colours are unreal, super silky and can do liner, shadow or brows…alllll in one! 8 colours but I would like the pans to be a little bigger though from a MUA point of view if you use the wet and dry but this is sooooo portable!

Texture: Silky, pigmented and beautiful! – When wet these are intense.

Wear: long wear

How it looks on the skin: Non powdery or cakey, super silky, flattering matte colours.

Blend ability: So blendable!

Colours: Excellent colours to create natural to smokey eyes. Flattering for all ages and skin colours. I do wish it had a black in it instead of grey!

Price: £17.50

Rating: 5/5


smash box photo matte eyes mini review

smash box photo matte eyes mini

smashbox pot mattes mini swatches

smashbox pot mattes mini swatches normal light

smashbox pot mattes mini swatches

smashbox pot mattes mini swatches in flash

smashbox pot mattes mini swatches

smashbox pot mattes mini swatches in daylight


What they say:A shadow primer that locks on more vibrant colour for a full 24 hours. No fading, creasing or smudging! Sweat and humidity resistant

What I say:  Sometimes this has worked amazingly, sometimes it hasn’t so I’m half on board I just need to work out its best use!

Texture: A silky siliconey sheer cream.

Wear: You MUST use this as directed or it doesn’t work. you must leave this on for 30 seconds before apply shadow.

How it looks on the skin: Cant see it, but Increases the colour of shadows.

Blend ability: You only use a tinnnnny bit a little goes a very very long way! Personally I don’t like applying straight over primer as I find it doesn’t blend well, I like to use a powder first.

Price: £20.00

Rating: 3/5

smashbox 24 hour shadow primer

IMG_8991 copy

What they say: With X-Rated, I can go from a classic everyday lash look to over-the-top volume in just a few layers. Our breakthrough triple threat brush isolates, magnifies and mega-coats each lash with an interlocking fibre-loaded formula that never flakes or smudges.
What I say: Brilliant, classic buildable mascara at its best.

Texture: Highly pigmented and easy to layer!

Wear: Long wear last all day no flaking or smudging!

How it looks on the eyes: Lashes look operated but defined the right mix between made up and natural.

Buildability: The brush and formulation means you can build this to create absolute mega lashes!

Colours: one colour, black.

Price: £19.50

Rating: 5/5

smashbox x rated mascara review smashbox x rated mascara review

smashbox x rated mascara, lash primer and matte eyes

Smashbox x rated mascara, Lash primer and Matte eyes

What they say: Amped-up volume, Fullest length exposed, Lifts lashes to new heights, Makes mascara last longer, Defines & separates, Conditions, Layerable for extra drama, Non-spiking, Non-clumping

What I say: Amazing, I love a primer! – And I lovvvvee the dual brush to get into every lash!

Texture: Like mascara but a bit smoother!

Wear: Make mascara go on amazingly, last better plus conditions the lashes!

How it looks on the eyes: like a whitey- see though mascara

Buildability: Glides on for a perfect mascara base

Colours: White/sheer

Price: £17

Rating: 4/5 ( if it had fibres it would be a 5!)

smash box photofinisher lash primer


What they say: A long-wearing, water-resistant lip liner that self-sharpens every time you twist the cap off.

What I say: Amazinggggg but I wish it was in a pencil rather than automatic!

Texture: creamy, soft, gluideable, pigmented!

Wear: very long wear! lasts all day depending on product you put over it! (e.g. glosses make liners come off quicker than matte lipsticks!)

How it looks on the skin: creat nudey beige colour, looks matte.

Blendability: blendable at first then locks to long wear

Colours: Great range, I went for Nude light, obvs!

Price: £16.00

Rating 4/5 (product is great but I feel like as it sharpens itself automatically in the lid every time its taken off, I feel like a lot of product is wasted, its also very soft so not sure if it will last as long as a pencil!

smash box always sharp lip liner swatch

Smashbox always sharp lip liner swatch in Nude light


What they say: Our revolutionary weightless concealer instantly smoothes skin and makes dark circles and imperfections virtually disappear.

What I say:  It is weightless, a bit runny but buildable

Texture: A runny,liquid concealer, non drying but not luminous either. satin skin finish!

Wear: Long wear, lasts a long time and its too drying! fab!

How it looks on the skin: looks great, is quite sheer so its cakey on anyone with fine lines or drying, but you an build it up!

Colours: Good range of pink/neutral and yellow tones! I got Fair to highlight the under eye area!

Blend ability: very blendable but I like to leave it on to set a bit and then blend so it doesn’t blend away too much of the coverage.

Price: £18.00

Rating: 3/5 I would like a bit more pigment and coverage and it to be a little less sheer and runny! But it does last a long time!

high definition liquid concealer



…..and last but not least the Primers….Ive switched these all next to each other so you can see the difference!

smashbox primer swatches

Smashbox primers from left to right: Photo finish light, Photo finish Luminizing, Colour correct blend, Colour correct adjust, Photo finish pore minimising, Photo finish original.

smashbox primer swatches

smashbox primer swatches blended in!


What they say: Create a perfect canvas for foundation application with this silky, lightweight primer, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. You can also use it to tame frizzy hair!

What I say: Classic, iconic, for a reason! I know some people who don’t get on with this but personally I love it!

Texture: Silky, siliconey, velvety.

Wear: long wear

How it looks on the skin: Makes the skin look and feel like velvet – doesn’t change the texture of whatever you put over the top of it!

Blend ability: very very blendable

Colours: one colour fits all.

Price: £26

Rating: 5/5

smashbox photo finish primer

Smashbox photo finish primer ( original)


What they say: Say goodbye to visible pores! Prime to perfection, plus dramatically blur and reduce the appearance of pores instantly and for up to 8 hours.

What I say: This really helps blur and fill pores

Texture: Silky, siliconey, velvety. – very similar to the classic primer but a bit peachier sheer colour.

Wear: long wear

How it looks on the skin: Makes the skin look smoother and blurs out pores even without foundation on top.

Blendability: Very blendable

Colours: one colour for all skin

Price: £28

Rating: 4/5 ( personally I like a thicker texture for a pore minimiser but if you like silicone feel primers than this is a 5/5)

Smashbox photo finish primer - pore minimizer swatch

Smashbox photo finish primer – pore minimizer swatch


What they say:  Like the iconic, but new oil-free, 60% water based primer is ideal for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin.

What I say: I prefer the texture than the iconic!

Texture: Texture is less silincony slippery and more gel cream.

Wear: Long wear

How it looks on the skin: Primes beautifully

Blend ability: So blendable, not as glidey as the iconic as its more of a regular texture ( which Personally for my skin I prefer!)

Colours: one colour for all skin

Price: £26

Rating: 5/5

Smashbox photo finish primer - light swatch

Smashbox photo finish primer – light swatch


What they say: This long-awaited addition to our legendary collection of Photo Finish primers adds just the right amount of luminosity.

What I say: The same at the original with a subtle wash or bronze shimmer colour!

Texture: The same as the original, velvety smooth

Wear: Long wear!

How it looks on the skin: adds a matte velvet radiance glow!

Blend ability: Easy to blend

Colours: One colour, a bronze peach luminous shade ( doesn’t add dew like most!).

Price: £25

Rating: 4/5 ( Its quite a subtle glow, I would personally like it amped up a bit!)

Smashbox photo finish primer - luminizing swatch

Smashbox photo finish primer – luminizing swatch


What they say: Colour correcting, wrinkle reducing, and dark spot defying – talk about a miracle product! BLEND is apricot-toned to even out skin tone and counteract discolouration and dark spots

What I say:  The texture is somewhere in between the original photo finish primer, and the light version. A little bit more creamy than the original.

Texture: smoothing, satin feel.

Wear: long wear

How it looks on the skin: Makes the skin look radiance and less sallow

Blendability: Very blendable

Colours: one colour for all skin to even out discolouration!

Price: £26

Rating: 5/5

Smashbox colour correcting primer - blend swatch

Smashbox colour correcting primer – blend swatch


What they say: Counteract discolouration and dark spots. ADJUST is green-toned to reduce redness.

What I say: Helps really subtley reduce redness without adding a green tinge so could be worn alone unlike most colour correcting primers!

Texture: Silky, siliconey, velvety. – very similar to the classic primer but a little bit more whipped and creamy.

Wear: long wear

How it looks on the skin: Makes the skin look more uniformed in areas of redness.

Blendability: Very blendable

Colours: one colour for all skin, green and sheer to counteract redness

Price: £26

Rating: 5/5 – I love that its not as thick, heavy and pigmented as most green primers but still works to the same effect!

Smashbox colour correcting primer - blend swatchSmashbox colour correcting primer - adjust swatch

Smashbox colour correcting primer – adjust swatch



So here you can see my video –



I hope you enjoyed my incredddddibly long post and it was informative to all those Smashbox lovers!



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