Make up Depotting + DIY Lipstick palette, Magnetic make up palette and Cream cosmetics palette!

DIY lipstick palette

So as I have so much make up, Accessing it can sometimes be hard! – Palettes are great but individual products can sometimes be a pain to find. Depotting is a great way to keep make up neat and tidy and easier to take what you need where ever you go and for fellow MUA’S is much easier to transport!

Heres my three favourite Depot methods;

  • Eyeshadows/blushers/powders
  • What you need: Your shadows, a palette cleaned out, magnetic sheets, metal stickers.

This is a bit like a DIY Z-Palette alternative. The magnetic sheeting means you can swap and rearrange what you put in it!

This Begins by taking all your favourite single eyeshadows or small palettes and popping them out of their casing. Now I’m not going to lie, I did loose some along to way due to cracking – but the majority made it through this process. Some are easier to get out of the casing than others. For my method I used very very thin tweezers/scalpel and a heated appliance, this was sometimes a hair straightening plate , sometimes a hairdryer depending on the product. The idea is to melt the glue that bonds the metal eyeshadow casing to the plastic exterior casing so you can pop the eyeshadow in the metal casing loose. ( Use the following methods at your on risk!)

Step 1 – Get off as much exterior packaging as possible using your scalpel/tweezers. Be careful with your hands and the product!

Step 2 – When your left with a small bit of plastic surrounding the metal casing, take your hair straightener  and lie some greaseproof paper over the iron, turn down the heat to as low as need be. place the eyeshadow casing on the paper and leave for a few seconds. do not have the heat turned up enough to melt the plastic. Alternatively you can use a hairdryer and concentrate the heat on the underneath.

Step 3- Once the glue has melted the metal casing should become loose and pop out. You may need to use gentle persausion.

Step 4 – Take an old palette and remove the inside (you can buy empty palettes/cheap palettes on eBay!) Use a deep one if your using domed shadows.

Step 5 – Lay some magnetic sheets ( self adhesive if possible) over the plastic base and stick

how to depot eyeshadows

Eyeshadow depot, magnetic sheets

Step 6 – Place your magnetic stickers (mine are Z palette metal stickers) on each eyeshadow underneath the centre.

how to depot eyeshadows

Magnetic stickers for eyeshadows

Step 7 – Arrange and enjoy! I use several different sized palettes so when I go away for example I can take a smaller selection.

how to depot eyeshadows

My Eyeshadows deported

  • Cream cosmetics
  • What you need: Plastic craft storage box ( you can get mine for £1.49 here from The Range ) , Your products, cosmetics spatula/blunt knife.

Step 1 – Make sure the dividers are all in place. ( this only works this non runny creams)

Step 2 -Take your spatula and remove all of the cream product from the pan and place into a segment ( please note some cosmetics in metal pans like to stay in metal pans for longevity. If you are decanting plastic into plastic this is fine)

Step 3 – Continue to do this with all colours/creams.

depotting cream cosmetics

depotting cream cosmetics using a sorting case

depotting cream cosmetics

depotting cream cosmetics

  • Lipsticks
  • What you need. Lipsticks, a watercolour paint palette ( available in craft stores/online, mine was a few pounds) , a blunt knife/spatula.

Step 1 – Take  your lipstick and wind it up

How to lipstick depot

Step 2 – Cut off the lipstick from the plastic ridge using the knife, spatula and place to one side

How to lipstick depot

How to lipstick depot

Step 3 – Scoop out the lipstick from the plastic ride downwards and place into a segment of the palette, squash down. This is the perfect amount to place into the segments and leaves you with the shaped section to place back into the casing and keep if you want to take an individual one out in your bag for example.


How to lipstick depot

Step 4 – Replace the intact shaped lipstick remainder back into the plastic casing/tubes.

How to lipstick depot

Step 5 – Continue with all lipsticks.

Step 6 – Write down the names so you can remember which is which, I normally use making tape cuttings to stick next to each of the  segments.

DIY lipstick palette

Step 7 – Use a hairdryer on a low blow setting to melt the lipsticks down and create nice neat sections.

How to lipstick depot

Step 8 – Cover up any brush holes with masking tape for storage and remove when you want to use them!


I hope this helps fellow depotters  create easy solutions to make up organisation! Happy Repotting!



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