Is Nivea for Men shave balm the GREATEST FACE PRIMER EVER?

nivea for men shave balm primer review

Like so many people I saw a few select beauty bloggers refer to this product as an amazing primer, rumour has it, it started off from one blogger forgetting her moisturiser at her boyfriends house and so used this in place! – If so, VERY RISKY, but what a find!

nivea for men shave balm primer reviewAfter seeing it a couple of times I decided to see what all the fuss was about for myself. When I picked it up I assumed it was a bit like a moisturiser, maybe even a bit greasy so I was baffled at how it worked! When I got it home and opened it, it all started to make sense, its not greasy, or even that moisturisey really its got a similar texture to a slightly tacky- to-touch primer!

One of the main ingredience is Glycerin, which when diluted with water and applied to the face also makes a great primer – but I think this works even better!

nivea for men shave balm primer reviewSO…getting back to the texture, it has a slightly slippy, quite running consistency ( the word balm threw me off!) thats semi transparent/white in colour, it spreads very easily and dries quite quickly with a bit of a tack (which I assume holds the make up). Once it was applied I swear it smoothes the skin! – A bit like a pore smoothing one but more of a moisturised plump rather than that silky slippy texture. Once dried the skin looks and feels velvety matte and I applied my make up as usual.

nivea for men shave balm primer review

nivea for men shave balm primer review

Shave Balm on the lower side of my hand

nivea post shave balm primer review

Smoothed area where applied! – from my Snapchat story ( eleiseonline)

Its worth while saying that the bottle is massive and will last a while compared to normal primers at 100ml its about 3 times the size of most!…

So I went about my day as usual, I touch my face A LOT so I know by the end of the day if a primer is good, its really good!….and guess what IT WAS GOOD!

My make up had not budged an inch! not even a centimetre!….and instead of my face looking tired and a bit dry as it can do with other primers that are good at making make up last all day. my face looked plump and still quite freshly applied. Happy days!!

If you want to give this a go, its around £5.00 depending on where you get it, or $5 -$9 dollars if you live in the US!






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