Foundations come in two by two 

Everyone that knows me knows I love to buy two of everything… If it’s shoes I buy two colours ( usually black and nude) , bags the same and foundations are no different!

The trick with having a tailor made colour is the custom mix! Some days you might be browner through suntan, or more yellow and darker due to fake tan and obviously in winter your skin becomes paler… So how can 1 foundation suit you all your round! I might be a bit of an example as my skin goes from the sublime to ridiculous with a suntan ( Nc 35 to NC 50 to be exact ) … But most people  fluctuate in colour through the year…

So start off with a foundation colour that suits you in winter time, and one at your very darkest!

Then everyday you can mix your perfect colour through the seasons, ( 3/4 light 1/4 dark etc in spring) ….and mix on the back of your hand with a brush and apply.

If you skin is unique in colour, you can also mix yellow (warm) and pink ( cool tones) eg Mac NC & NW ….This is also useful for after fake tans when you might be yellower than normal!

Another reason I do this is to contour, and keep tan. I always find one of the best ways to contour is to just use your foundation in a darker colour which keeps your face all one texture!  You can also buff a little bit of the dark into the skin using a duo fibre brush to add some colour ( usually cheeks forehead nose etc)

I also do the same with powders which is a crest way to have the lighter colour under and around the eye and highlighted areas and darker around the contours and a really dark powder makes a great bronzer, Matt & natural colour!

I also do the same with concealers!

Here’s some examples of my foundations I use two of, for different occasions…

My go to foundations review in a blog to follow!


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