RATE or SLATE? The best Liquid lipsticks…

One of my top questions I get asked is ‘ Which is the best liquid lipstick?’ – While this is massively subjective, everyone seems to want to know which ones are true to the hype and which ones fall short….

So I thought I would do a little video with my pros and cons of each one, with some of the most popular brands and also drug store alternatives! I also tried each brand on, on camera as well as giving it a rating! Continue Reading

How to save needs-a-wash bun hair!

save dirty hair one more day

We have all been there, hair that could probably do with a wash, its been shoved up in bun, its got kinks in it, but you could really do with getting one more days wear out of it before you become a clean person again…

Rather than putting it in a pony, if you want to wear your hair down – Heres my favourite solution for doing so! Continue Reading

Kim kardashian west wrapped pony tail braid tutorial!

kim kardashian west wrapped ponytail braid velvet snapchat hairstyle

Kim Kardashain west Shared this look on her snapchat yesterday, and I thought I would recreate it in a tutorial showing you how you can get the look! Kim uses a suede/velvet on her hair and I’ve used a cut… Continue Reading

My Massive Smashbox Haul!

massive smashbox haul swatches try on

I have always been intrigued by Smashbox ever since I first used their iconic primer, We don’t have many brands like it in the UK and as brits, to be frank I don’t think we appreciate it enough! Smashbox cosmetics… Continue Reading

Do Instagram products REALLY work?!

do instagram products really work eleise beauty blogger

We’ve all seen the L.E.D teeth whitening, Mud masking, Hair Vitamin taking, coconut swishing Insta posts….. But Do the products actually work?…. or are they just purely clever promotion? – I test out a few of the different products made popular by the Insta-famous to see if they REALLY do as they say! Continue Reading