The weirdest but best idea for a product ever?!….Mai couture Papier

mai couture make up papier review

So if I said to you you could fit your ENTIRE make up kit on a bit of paper? would you believe me?!

Well if you said that to Mai Tran, owner of Mai Couture or one of her teams of fans, they would for sure answer yes!….

So what am I taking about I might hear you think? – The Mai Couture Papier make up!! Continue Reading

Inside the NEW Asiana Beauty Box!


Sooooo you guys know how I feel about a beauty box and I came across the mother of the beauty box on Sunday! I met Director of Asiana magazine on Sunday at the blogger awards and he kindly gave me one of their NEW beauty box’s to try… Continue Reading

Payday wish list! – August

payday wish list eleise

I haven’t written one of these for a while but there’s so much amazing stuff out at the moment, I have been feeling like writing one! Continue Reading


still eyes are the window palette swatches review

We all buy palettes and most often than not you have at least one or two colours in there that you don’t use!

Not the case with this Stila palette – There are 4 palettes in the range and my ‘soul’ palette is 12 super blendable soft powdery shades of amazingness! Continue Reading

My Massive Smashbox Haul!

massive smashbox haul swatches try on

I have always been intrigued by Smashbox ever since I first used their iconic primer, We don’t have many brands like it in the UK and as brits, to be frank I don’t think we appreciate it enough! Smashbox cosmetics… Continue Reading

Review: Maybelline Master Contour V Shape Duo

maybelline master contour v shape duo stick review

New product review alert! I saw an advert for the new Maybelline Master Contour V Shape Duo – and straight away thought ‘what a great idea!’ I’m all for space saving make up for the occasions when I only need to take a small make up bag (which is rare for me, let’s be honest!) but still – I like the idea of it! Continue Reading